Why choose Modenaudio?

Because Modena is not only a city of outstanding food and cars: it is also famous for its opera singers, pop singers, rock musicians, singer-songwriters, artisan luthiers, organ builders and manufacturers of amplifiers for guitars or sophisticated audiophiles.
Ultimately, what matters is that it sings… even if it is a twelve-cylinder engine! The important thing is that it plays!
Finally, the answer to the initial question is: we wanted to be there too and we wanted it to be clear where we came from.

ET VOILA’ – Another wonderful review of LYMPHA from France
MODENAUDIO è il marchio italiano specializzato nella produzione di impianti audio caratterizzati da un'altissima qualità del suono e da un design originale e all'avanguardia.
modenaudio; impianti audio; design originale;
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ET VOILA’ – Another wonderful review of LYMPHA from France

Les jeux sont faits – The games are done… we only have to enjoy for another enthusiastic review of Lympha, this time from the french market.
QOBUZ is a great HiRes streaming music provider and its staff met LYMPHA at the HiEnd audio show Canjam Europe in Munich last May. They immedialtely asked us to have a sample to test in their labs.
The result is another prove of the quality and style of LYMPHA and of the winning MODENAUDIO philosophy for both the audio quality and the iconic style.
Another little step in Europe!!

Lo staff di MODENAUDIO