Why choose Modenaudio?

Because Modena is not only a city of outstanding food and cars: it is also famous for its opera singers, pop singers, rock musicians, singer-songwriters, artisan luthiers, organ builders and manufacturers of amplifiers for guitars or sophisticated audiophiles.
Ultimately, what matters is that it sings… even if it is a twelve-cylinder engine! The important thing is that it plays!
Finally, the answer to the initial question is: we wanted to be there too and we wanted it to be clear where we came from.

Lympha is now available for a listening sessions in Modena!!
MODENAUDIO è il marchio italiano specializzato nella produzione di impianti audio caratterizzati da un'altissima qualità del suono e da un design originale e all'avanguardia.
modenaudio; impianti audio; design originale;
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Lympha is now available for a listening sessions in Modena!!

Great opportunity for all audiophile lovers to listen to and see our Lympha in Modena
Starting from tomorrow the 4th of December, our headphone amplifier will be available at MTECH Audio in Strada Morane 418.
You are all invited to listen to Lympha with your music and, why not, with your reference headphones. We are sure you won’t recognize your own headphones after connecting them to the Lympha!!

The entrance is free but if you feel you need a personal experience and listening session, we will be happy to give you an appointment and stay with you all the necessary time to let you discover the musicality and power of this beautiful amplifier.
For appointments:
T: +39 059 2929559
M: +39 335 8112105

A presto!!